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This past week, we have basically been in hibernation mode. Our calendar and life was so busy the weeks and months leading up to Christmas. So, once all the holiday magic and chaos settled, we took this time to rest.

We made fires, built tents, danced in the kitchen, watched movies, went on walks, laughed a lot and connected.

I’ve actually never felt more connected with my little family. And I realized that the magic, and the best memories, are found in this connection.

So, my word for 2024, what I hope to focus on this year, is: connection.

I hope to seek deeper connections in everything I do- with my children, husband, family, old friends, new friends, God, my art, business, and with myself.

I think we feel more connected by slowing down, being present, being vulnerable, sharing our stories, being intentional and authentic. It’s the quality over quantity. And that’s what I hope to focus more on this year.

I’m not going to lie- the break was also very hard. We missed our routines, and if I heard any more whining I might have pulled my hair out. Yes we rested, but we still weren’t sleeping through the night much. We are ready to get back to reality. However, I do feel reset and more connected, so I hope to carry that into the new year.

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