Our Story

I always try my best to be intentional with everything I do, especially when it comes to gift giving. I like to give gifts that have meaning and purpose. I am very blessed to have the best mom in the world, but that makes it even harder to find the “perfect” gift to express my appreciation for her. When I was in high school, Mother's Day was just around the corner and my siblings and I could not think of a meaningful gift idea for my mom. We were completely out of ideas, so I decided to go back to the basics and get creative. 

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to anything that allows me to be creative, especially painting. So, I found four blocks of wood and painted an angel on each one. Then, both of my sisters, my brother, and I each wrote a letter to my mom on the other side. She loved it! The thoughtful and personal keepsake quickly became her favorite gift, and she displayed them proudly in our home. 

I had never thought of myself as a "real artist" and definitely never thought I could sell my artwork. So, a few years later, I was surprised when a sweet family friend saw my mom’s gift and asked me to make a few to sell in her shop. I was really flattered and excited, so I painted 10 angels right away. To my surprise, all 10 sold in only one week! So, I kept painting and selling more. Just like my mom's gift, each one had an angel on one side with the option to write a note on the other side. This became a great side job for me in college, but after graduation, I put painting on hold to focus on my career in marketing. 

Now, about five years later, I made the decision to leave the corporate world to follow my dreams! I created Noteworthy to provide a simple and convenient way for other people to give with meaning and intention. I want to help women celebrate and encourage each other, because when we lift each other up, we are unstoppable. Through Noteworthy, my goal is to help women feel empowered and appreciated, because you are worthy!

Laurel Farrell