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My Story

One year, when I was younger my family forgot about Mother's Day... We literally did NOTHING for my mom. No gifts, no cards, no breakfast in bed- nothing! I never forgot seeing my mom so upset. It was heartbreaking. In that moment, I made it my mission to make sure my mom felt loved, appreciated, and celebrated for Mother's Day.

I was trying to find a gift that expressed those feelings, but I could not find anything that felt meaningful enough. So, I made it myself. I painted an angel on wood, and my siblings and I wrote a heartfelt note to my mom on the blank side. It was the best gift and the best Mother's Day. And it inspired me to start Noteworthy.

Noteworthy began as a successful side hustle in college. After graduation, I worked in corporate marketing for years. I would sit in my cubicle and count down the minutes to 5 p.m. and the days until the weekend. I never believed I could start my own business or be an artist, then I realized these limiting beliefs were the only thing stopping me. so, I changed my mindset and quit my job to follow my dreams!