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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from this crew!

This photo is from Christmas- the last time we were all dressed in real clothes with our hair brushed!

The last week of 2023 we have been in full on REST mode. We have rested hard. We haven’t changed out of our pajama uniforms- basically have only left the house for walks around the neighborhood and to go to the grocery store. We’ve spent a lot of time in the backyard by a fire, building tents, watching movies, cooking, reading, doing puzzles- we did get in a casual date night, but it’s been a much needed week of pausing, slowing down, and resting.

2023 was a great year. It brought us the best gift of baby Gus. I got back to my work and art in 2023, and I’m loving it so much. It brought a lot of changes and transitions for our family that we’ve fully embraced. I’m so thankful for all that 2023 brought.

We will all get back to work and school and our routines in the next few days (I promise to start posting ART again) but I hope we remember to slow down and rest a little more in 2024.

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