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“Beautifully Broken”

“Beautifully Broken”

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At first glance this piece just looks like a nice painting of a floral arrangement. The vase is classic and elegant, the flowers are vibrant and beautiful. But this piece actually represents mental health.

If you look a little closer you will notice this vase is actually broken. When you’re struggling with mental health, it’s easy to feel like you are broken. Each broken piece tells a story. Some of the breaks are big and monumental, some are small but still painful. Then the pieces are put back together to become whole.

The gold lining that mends the pieces back together, represents the healing process. This rich gold lining is the lessons learned, the growth and strength that takes place when we overcome a difficult experience.

I believe the vase is actually made more beautiful through this brokenness, just as our lives are more beautiful through our strength to overcome the difficult experiences. Although the vase was once broken, it has been put back together. It still serves a purpose and holds life. It still matters, it is meaningful, it is purposeful.